Wall System

Our wall forms, part of our "A" rated low energy building system, are state of the art high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) elements with the inner and outer insulation leaves locked with galvinised steel bridges. It provides a very solid structure for the installation of the steel reinforced concrete and a high quality thermal envelope.

  • High energy rating (EPC), the Thermohouse elements can achieve an "A" rated to passive standard, the highest performance rating today.
  • Airtightness, correctly installed the Thermohouse system can achieve average airtightness of Level 1.5 / 0.075 AC-HR.
  • Reduction on heating bills, the complete Thermohouse system can produce upwards of 70% saving on heating bills against traditional builds.
  • Sound Insulation, superior sound insulating performances from the outside environment.
  • Design Opportunities, the thermohouse system consists of lightweight materials which are easy to transport and install. The flexibility of the system encourages creative and innovative designs with considerable reductions in the construction time.
  • Durability, long lasting, maintainance free, superior steel reinforced concrete structure of greater than 25n with a lifetime guarentee, no rust, no rot, no codensation, no mould, no draughts, no leaks.
  • Fire Safety, increased protection against fire, with greater fire resistance.
  • Re-Sale Value, ensuring premium financial security and return on resale of your home.
  • U-Value of 0.2 which exceeds the current building regulation requirements

For further details please contact us today on info@thermohouse.ie or by phone on 0646631307