Roof System
Setting New Performance Standards- Thermohouse Roof System= U-Value 0.15- Meets Passive Standard

The Thermohouse Roof System panel, part of our “A” rated low energy building system, is a highly insulated panel supported by two steel C-Sections to take all design loads. Its unique structural strength, ease of installation and excellent insulation properties enables the occupier to benefit from a superior airtight system with considerable savings on energy bills!

  • U-Value of 0.15 which substantially exceeds current building regulations and also meets Passive Standard.
  • Fast, versatile and easy to install.
  • Fully insulated attic space which removes the traditional cold space and also eliminates the risk of burst pipes in the attic.
  • No roof trusses required which transforms the full attic space into an additional living area.
  • Manufactured with two steel C-Sections to take all design loads.
  • Designed to takes all types of roof covers, tiles and slates.
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