Floor System

When installed the unique flooring system from Thermohouse, part of our "A" rated low energy building system, is less than half the weight of hollowcore precast floors, yet provides the same load capacity. A superior end product with excellent insulation properties, at a competitive price, installed in record time!

  • Lightweight, ease of use results in a considerable time redcution for the installation.
  • Offers improved control of the thermal insulation and air tightness between floors.
  • Customised cut to length panels that can span up to 8 metres or more.
  • No need for shuttering or lifting cranes.
  • Excellent noise reduction which acts as an additional sound barrier between floors.
  • Clean sites, no waste or messy wet trades required.
  • Unique design with channels for services and ventilation, eliminating cold bridging.
  • Cold and wet weather does not interfere with construction.
  • Installation in complete safety.
For further details please contact us today on info@thermohouse.ie or by phone on 0646631307